Lezervations was born in 2014 and, like a child, it grew fast and generally surprised the heck out of its parents. After four years, co-founder Dara moved on to pursue other philanthropic interests and Isabelle decided it was time to go to phase 2.

Lezervations currently holds events in Vancouver, San Francisco, Toronto and New York, with our virtual network of 10,000 women extending well beyond those geographies. We’ll be announcing new cities—and partnerships—shortly.

The quarterly events are designed to facilitate connections amongst queer women as well as unlock the potential of city living. We operate as a not for profit and think of Lezervations as a passion project that wants to keep going. 

Stay tuned for more newness in the coming months!,


Local events, global network.

We believe supporting local economies leads to
vibrant city centres and thriving neighbourhoods. Coupling local activity with a global vision means more opportunity. 


Collaboration builds community.

We believe collaboration and community allow us to do more things, better, and faster. We partner with community organisations, restaurants and chefs, as well as corporations who share our values. Social impact comes from true partnerships and wanting to progress together.


Shared experiences for new conversations.

We believe simple but carefully crafted experiences are best enjoyed with like-minded peers. Also, that sharing space and food creates community. Community means being open to broadening our horizons—all letters welcome.