25 July 2019 (sold out)

new york

31 July 2019


lbtq social networking

Connections for real life.

We’re a kind of club for lesbians. Minus the unce-unce-unce of club music, plus delicious conversation you can actually hear. Also, we don’t dictate why you attend. We’ve had folks meet at a dinner and go on to start business collaborations, create a whole new circle of friends, get married. We think that getting a chance to meet good people in a space that is conducive to conversation and connection is what life is about.
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On average, 45% of attendees at each dinner are new to Lezervations so we get to see that our communities are bigger than we think they are, no matter where we live. Feel free to think about it as a secret lesbian society. Just tell all your friends. 
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tbd aug 2019 / san francisco vol. xI


october 2019 / toronto vol. iX


31 july 2019 / new york vol, iii


25 july 2019 / vancouver vol. xx


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